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Customer Loyalty and Fidelity Campaigns

For B2B and B2C needs.

Customer Loyalty • Incentives • Gift Card Programs

Better Loyalty with Advanced Technology.

Get a customized loyalty program for your business to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Web based systems for loyalty programs, gift cards programs, and incentives for your employees loyalty programs is what we offer. Our mission is to help you maximize customer retention and increase customer spending.

A unique loyalty program for your business which strengthens the relationship with your customers and allows you to gather data that matter to you will secure loyalty to you as a merchant rather than (and not) to a loyalty program itself as often happens in shared rewards programs with hundreds of merchants.

Access your customize card or card-less business loyalty program with our web-based software wherever you are!

Let customers enjoy it
A Fluent User Experience

  • Thanks to the responsive online technology your customers can easily sign up and check their current point balance in your Loyalty Venue program from anywhere on every device with web connection.
  • It is your choice how customers will be able to redeem their rewards in-store, online or both ways.
  • Our user friendly loyalty solutions can be customized with your company's brand colors and logo.
  • Enable your employees to rapidly enter transactions using a simple dashboard at point of sale, retail and online shop or let customers to sign-in and upload their earned points themselves.

No other system is required in order to reward your customers!

Raise your visits

Loyalty programs are very likely to increase visits to your business, thanks of customer membership effect.

Higher Revenue

Successfully retaining even only a small part of the customer base can increase a lot of business revenue.

Add Value

Consumers participation in rewards of loyalty programs grew in importance with the economic uncertainty.

The Key Factor is Customer Loyalty

Loyalty Venue has developed a powerful integrated application technology for the management of loyalty programs (loyalty card, loyalty campaigns etc).
Brands will be able to attach their loyalty promotions and their loyalty card to the Loyalty Venue System and secure "virtual" scores, which give the right to prizes, based on a catalog.
Loyalty Venue therefore configures a system of creation and maintenance of the digital catalog that enables the realization of product cards and points needed to receive them. The catalog may be managed directly by the loyalty program manager, or it can be filled in by us through a consulting optional service.
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