Reward your customers. How?

Trust the customer retention to us and do your day to day business relaxed. We have the perfect solution for you whether you want to increase sales, motivate students or reward employees. Loyalty Venue offers a wide variety of solutions for all kind of companies or educational institutions.

Rather have a card or card-less loyalty program? The choice is yours, Loyalty Venue works with or without cards.

Loyalty Programs

Build your business by retaining customers with great loyalty program that we offer. Our adaptable solutions help you implement a procedure that's proper for you. No matter if you want to assign points on spent money, frequency of purchases, number of referrals or other criteria we have it.

Programs with Gift Card

Get rid of old-fashioned paper certificates and start using customized gift card program. You get it absolutely free when subscribing to our loyalty programs. See more on our Gift Cards Program page.

Loyalty Venue Programs for Employees

Continuously motivate your employees by encouraging good performance with a rewards program that engage them in reaching specific goals. Furthermore in studies Employee loyalty has been positively linked to increased customer loyalty.

United Loyalty programs

Connecting several merchants to a single loyalty points or gift card program makes a United Loyalty program. This kind of coalitions are usually characteristic for shopping centers, local associations, industry affiliations, etc.

Partnership Loyalty program

Partnership Loyalty system shares points or gift cards program by multiple merchants, so the customers earns a bonus each time they perform a transaction at a participating merchant. This is a great Partnership Loyalty program for local initiatives, shopping centers or even charities.

If you are still not sure which loyalty program is most suitable for you, send us a message. It will be our pleasure to talk it over and help you choose the best or develop a custom loyalty solution for your business.

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